Electrode Copper 150A Bk277292 for Cutting Stainless Steel and Brass

Get the Electrode Copper 150A Bk277292 for cutting stainless steel and brass. Our factory offers high-quality products for all your cutting needs.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
100A 150A
Cutting Material
Copper, Carbon Steel, Iron, Aluminum, Metal Alloy, Stainless Steel
Automatic Grade
Power Source
Cutting Mode
Plasma Cutting
Cooling Way
Air Cooling
Frequency Range
Low Frequency
Electric Current
Shielding Gas
Plasma Accessories
Cutting Electrode 277292
Cutting Torch
Protect Cap
Cutting Type
Consumables for Cutting Machine
Kaliburn Plasma
Shield Cap 277117
Cutting Tools
Plasma Nozzles Electrode
Lincoln Nozzle
Cutting Steel Plate
Torch Model
Kaliburn Plasma 150A
Customized Support
Swirl Ring
Transport Package
Carton Box
Lincoln Kaliburn
HS Code

Packaging & Delivery

Package Size
6.70cm * 1.70cm * 1.70cm
Package Gross Weight

Product Description

Electrode Copper 150A BK277292 for Cutting Stainless Steel and Brass
What are plasma cutter consumables ?
Plasma cutter consumables are a set of components in your plasma cutter that gradually wear over time until they need to be replaced: they have a life cycle. The consumables are all found in the cutting torch itself, which is where most of the energy is focussed, and keeping track of wear and tear is a key part of maintaining an efficient machine that cuts well and lasts a long time. Plasma cutting torch consumables include: a swirl ring, electrode, nozzle, retaining cap, and shield cap.
Product Description


The nozzle focuses the plasma arc and the gas that surrounds it to make a clean and precise cut. A nozzle with a larger opening is used for gouging, while a nozzle with a smaller opening is better able to direct the gas and so is used for fine, detailed work.
Electrode Copper 150A Bk277292 for Cutting Stainless Steel and Brass

The electrode is a narrow piece of copper containing hafnium (which is an excellent conductor of electricity). Its job is to receive the electrical current from a cathode block inside the torch to which it is connected, and to focus the charge through its tip, which causes it to arc onto the workpiece.

Electrode Copper 150A Bk277292 for Cutting Stainless Steel and Brass
Retaining cap:
The retaining cap essentially holds all of the consumable parts of the torch together. As temperatures at this end of the machine are extremely high, it's not just the parts creating and focussing the arc that are worn down; the component holding them together also degrades over time.
Electrode Copper 150A Bk277292 for Cutting Stainless Steel and Brass
Shield cap:
The shield is there to protect the torch and its other components from the sparks and molten metal that result from the plasmacutting process. It takes the brunt of the fallout so that wear to other components is minimised as much as possible.
Electrode Copper 150A Bk277292 for Cutting Stainless Steel and Brass

Electrode Copper 150A Bk277292 for Cutting Stainless Steel and Brass

Packaging & Shipping

Electrode Copper 150A Bk277292 for Cutting Stainless Steel and Brass

Company Profile

Established in 2017, ALLWINCNC are a manufacturing company specializing in the production of plasma and laser consumables.

 We want to build long-term relationships with customers rather than developing one-off deals.
By providing our products to help you succeed in your endeavors.
The core idea of ALLWIN is our commitment to achieving mutual success for our customers, shareholders, and employees through collaboration.
Electrode Copper 150A Bk277292 for Cutting Stainless Steel and Brass


Electrode Copper 150A Bk277292 for Cutting Stainless Steel and Brass

Consumable list


Allwin plasma consumables are Fully compatible with Kaliburn plasma cutter Spirit 150a,200a,275a,400a,Proline 2150,2200,2260.
We provide other consumables for kaliburn lincoln plasma cutter torch,too. 
Ref NO. Description Part No.
277007 Water Tube EW 277007
277270-PRO Electrode 275A EW 277270-PRO
277291-PRO Electrode 200A EW 277291-PRO
277292-PRO Electrode 150A EW 277292-PRO
277282-PRO Electrode 100A EW 277282-PRO
277131-PRO Electrode 50/70A EW 277131-PRO
277142 Swirl Ring 50-70A EW 277142
277283 Swirl Ring 100A EW 277283
277139-UR Swirl Ring 150A EW 277139-UR
277143-UR Swirl Ring 200A EW 277143-UR
277258-UR Swirl Ring 275A EW 277258-UR
277122 Nozzle 50A EW 277122
277125 Nozzle 70A EW 277125
277284 Nozzle 100A EW 277284
277293 Nozzle 150A EW 277293
277289 Nozzle 200A EW 277289
277269 Nozzle 275A EW 277269
277153 Inner Retaining Cap 30-70A EW 277153
277151 Inner Retaining Cap 100/150A EW 277151
277152 Inner Retaining Cap 150A EW 277152
277266 Inner Retaining Cap 200/275A EW 277266
277150 Shield 70A EW 277150
277286 Shield 100A EW 277286
277117 Shield 150A EW 277117
277274 Shield 200A EW 277274
277263 Shield 275A EW 277263
284150 Outer Retaining Cap EW 284150
277154 Outer Retaining Cap EW 277154

Question : How about your after service ?
Answer : Technical support by phone, e-mail or MSN around the clock.
Question : How can we install the consumables?
Answer : Friendly English version manual and operation video CD disk.
Question : How do I choose the right consumables for my machine?
Answer : According to your needs and budget, we will provide the best answer for your efficient production.
Question : How about the payment terms?
Answer : 30% T/T for deposit, 70%T/T paid before shipping. 
Question : When can I get the price?
Answer : We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price, please tell us in your email so that we will regard you inquiry priority.
Question : Can I get a lower price if I order large quantities?
Answer : Yes, once the order is confirmed, you will enjoy our factory price.
Question: Which port is the nearest from your company ?
Answer : The Qingdao port is the nearest
Question: Can I have a visit to your factory before the order?
Answer : Yes, look forward to communicating and cooperating with you.


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